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High Performance Methane Thrust Chamber (HPMTC), Phase I

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Project Description

High Performance Methane Thrust Chamber (HPMTC), Phase I
ORBITEC proposes to develop a High-Performance Methane Thrust Chamber (HPMRE) to meet the demands of advanced chemical propulsion systems for deep-space mission applications. The HPMTC utilizes a unique propellant injector to generate a coaxial vortex flow field in the combustion chamber. Propellant mixing and burning are confined to the core vortex, while the cool outer vortex provides convective cooling to counter the effects of thermal radiation. The HPMTC will utilize an optimized combustion chamber geometry and propellant injectors to maximize performance and minimize wall heating. Avoiding severe thermal cycling of the chamber will provide very long engine lifetime and allow for simple, lightweight chamber designs. The coaxial vortices also provide an extended flow path longer than the geometric length of the chamber. The enhanced shear mixing can produce high combustion efficiencies. Phase I tasks include propulsion system analysis, thrust chamber fabrication, hot-fire testing with methane using both GOX and LOX, data analysis, scaling effects analysis, and development of plans for Phase II activities. More »

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