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See-and-Avoid Collision Avoidance Using ADS-B Signal and Radar Sensing, Phase I

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See-and-Avoid Collision Avoidance Using ADS-B Signal and Radar Sensing, Phase I
IAI proposes an innovative solution to enable unrestricted flight in low-altitude airspace for small aircrafts This solution includes an L-band RF transceiver-sensor package, which continuously transmit Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) compatible beacons to alert other cooperative aircrafts and ATC ground stations about the UAV's position and intent. In addition, it uses the reflected beacon signal as a radar signal to detect and track any non-cooperative targets within its effective range. A multifunctional RF transceiver serves as both the primary radar and secondary surveillance radar (SSR). The advantage of the proposed sensor package is low-cost, low-power (estimated power consumption < 50 watt) and compatibility with current aviation technologies. This sensor package is coupled with on-board collision avoidance logic and situation awareness display concepts for a remote ground control station. Simulation-based demonstration ? leveraging IAI's CybeleProTM agent infrastructure ? is also proposed to exercise the system "end-to-end" and allow for nearly seamless transition to human-in-the-loop evaluation of display concepts. More »

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