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Sample Management System for Heavy Ion Irradiation, Phase I

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Project Description

Sample Management System for Heavy Ion Irradiation, Phase I
A robotic sample management device and system for the exposure of biological and material specimens to heavy ion beams of the NASA Space Radiation Laboratory (NSRL) and other irradiation venues is proposed by SHOT, Inc. Full and efficient utilization of NSRL requires the automation of precise sample positioning and sample exchange that is otherwise performed manually at the cost of hours of beam time and risk of personnel. The device and system will consist of a multiplicity of sample holders providing an environmentally controlled enclosure. Samples to be irradiated will be translated into the ion beam, one at a time, within the controlled environment. Samples to be accommodated include, but are not limited to, cell cultures, small animal (flies, worms, fish) cultures, mice, rats and small samples of shielding or electronic materials. Operating software will be compatible with that in use at the irradiation venues, specifically NSRL, and will be used to establish environmental control settings, to record environmental conditions, and to control and record the insertion of samples into the ion beam. Three objectives will be met in Phase I research: (1) user requirements and engineering requirements will be established in detail, (2) a preliminary design including assembly and component 3-D renderings will be completed, and (3) this design will be subjected to design review by internal and external advisers and potential users. An optional objective, if matching funding is available from the State of Indiana, is the production and testing of a Specimen Holder Assembly prototype. Phase II research will consist of (1) finalizing requirements and design documents for official preliminary review, (2) building and testing prototypes of components for final overall design approval, and (3) assembling and testing a first system at SHOT and assembling, installing and testing a final product at NSRL and placing it into use for the benefit of the user community. More »

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