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Hybrid LIBS and Raman Spectroscopy Standoff Detection System, Phase I

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Hybrid LIBS and Raman Spectroscopy Standoff Detection System, Phase I
To address the NASA need for robotic platform-mounted instruments that can chemically analyze extraterrestrial surfaces, Physical Optics Corporation (POC) proposes to develop a new integrated standoff Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) and Raman Spectroscopic (LIBRA) system to perform rapid material analysis from a distance of >20 m. Dual LIBS and Raman measurements ensure high specificity in chemical analysis. While LIBS identifies trace elements, Raman spectroscopy enables the robotic rover to distinguish complex materials such as hydrous and anhydrous gypsum that indicate the presence of water on a planet. This system features embedded chemical fingerprinting software for real-time analysis of material signatures, and has a software interface to NASA robotic platforms. Through POC's compact excitation laser and high-resolution spectral detection subassemblies, LIBRA has unprecedented specificity of material identification in an energy efficient (<10 W), compact (<0.03 cubic meter volume), light (<2 kg) hermetically sealed package that is ruggedized (no moving parts) and optimized for robotic exploration. In Phase I, POC will demonstrate LIBRA system feasibility by assembling and testing a proof-of-concept laboratory prototype, and investigate issues of space qualification. In Phase II a fully functional prototype system will be developed and its standoff detection capability from robotic platforms will be demonstrated. More »

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