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Rapid Manufacture of Combustion Chambers Using Ductile, High Strength MMCs (1000-803), Phase I

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Rapid Manufacture of Combustion Chambers Using Ductile, High Strength MMCs (1000-803), Phase I
Triton Systems, Inc. (Triton) proposes to develop a cost-effective manufacturing approach to fabricate combustion chambers for a rocket technology demonstrator engine. The proposed manufacturing process combines Triton's success in fabricating high strength, ductile, discontinuous fiber reinforced aluminum (FRA) composites and rapid prototyping techniques used in the aluminum casting industry. The ability to insert Triton's FRA technology into boost and orbit transfer components supports critical propulsion goals by improving the thrust-to-weight ratio and reducing hardware costs. Significant weight savings will be achieved with Triton's lightweight FRA technology compared to the current nickel superalloy. Hardware costs savings are anticipated with the use of a proven, affordable and high quality casting process to fabricate FRA materials. An added benefit is the ability to incorporate design changes for improved efficiency and/or research and development efforts. More »

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