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Hypersonic Free-Flight Measurement of Aeroshell Forces and Flowfields, Phase I

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Hypersonic Free-Flight Measurement of Aeroshell Forces and Flowfields, Phase I
A Hypersonic Gun Tunnel and laser based high speed imaging systems will be used to generate a unique, free flight, aerodynamic data base of potential Mars aeroshell configurations. These experiments will provide reliable bench mark data for CFD code validation and help aerocapture modeling and optimize aeroshell payload and design. The experiments will be conducted at hypersonic Mach numbers in air and in simulated Martian atmospheric test gases and will cover the hypersonic continuum flow regime. The innovative test results will help improve aerocapture analysis and prediction techniques that will lead to reduced deceleration propellant launch weight, increased payload, and improved delivery accuracy. These improved measurement capabilities will greatly enhance U.S. commercial and military competitiveness in aerospace vehicle design and production, and help regain and stimulate a viable customer-testing base, which will help preserve and improve our national wind tunnel testing infrastructure. These new capabilities will provide significant test data improvements, which will greatly enhance our ability to understand the physical flow phenomena associated complex flows over advanced aerospace vehicles. More »

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