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Micro Resistojet for Small Satellites, Phase II

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Micro Resistojet for Small Satellites, Phase II
Micro-resistojets offer an excellent combination of simplicity, performance and wet system mass for small satellites (<100 kg, <50 watts) requiring mN level propulsion and low to moderate delta V (<500 m/sec). In Phase I, the potential of a unique micro-resistojet concept suited for low power level was established , and "green" methanol, cracked thermally (without a catalyst) was identified as the propellant of choice. An Isp of 250 seconds is expected. The overall objective of the Phase II Program is to develop an Engineering Model (EM) of the "green" methanol/water fueled micro-resistojet system. The system will be as near as possible to a flight system without having specific mission requirements and will utilize off the shelf power processing components and Lab View software to simulate flight system components in order to minimize cost. Target design specifications for the system are: Thrust - 5.4*10-3 newtons; Specific Impulse - 250 seconds; Mass flow - 2.2*10-3 grams/second (0.167 ccm liquid); Input Power - Less than 20 watts including losses; and Operating Life ? 1000 hours. The EM will be delivered to NASA at the conclusion of Phase II following a 100 hour sustained test at Busek. More »

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