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Holographic Image Plane Projection Integral 3D Display, Phase I

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Holographic Image Plane Projection Integral 3D Display, Phase I
In response to NASA's need for a 3D virtual reality environment providing scientific data visualization without special user devices, Physical Optics Corporation (POC) proposes a new Holographic Image Plane Projection Integral (HIPPI) 3D display that projects real moving (video rate) 3D color images in air. These 3D images will appear to a viewer as real, opaque (hidden line obscuration), volumetric 3D images over a wide look-around field-of-view (180 to 360 deg.) with high-fidelity realism. The proposed HIPPI-3D display consists of a high-speed, high-resolution, full-color projector, a spinning beam scanner, beam-forming optics, and a lightweight, transparent, spatially multiplexed (thin strip) off-axis reflective holographic projection screen. By projecting 2D perspective views of a 3D object, via the strip hologram, and by scanning multiple strips at 30 Hz, a multiplanar integral volume 3D image is created in the air in front of the curved screen. The screen and the projector can be set up and disassembled very quickly. In Phase I, POC will conduct a detailed feasibility study by analytical design supported by experimental verification, and a proof-of-concept demonstration setup. Phase II will focus on optimizing the system design and component technologies to complete a fully operational prototype. More »

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