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Vibrating Wingstroke Mechanism, Phase I

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Project Description

Vibrating Wingstroke Mechanism, Phase I
This proposed work will develop a new method and mechanism for generating wing stroke motion of any shape and orientation. The mechanism will provide power, lift and flight control to small aircraft in a single integrated unit. The key innovation is the means by which wing motion is generated without the use any complex mechanical components. Wing motion of any shape and orientation can be generated with this mechanism. The arrangement of wings is such that the mechanism is mechanically balanced and exerts no net torque or force on the aircraft. This method is applicable to small UAVs (uninhabited aerial vehicles) and will provide them with a simple and reliable means of producing power, lift and flight control. The versatility of this mechanism is expected to provide UAVs with high maneuverability. This method will be most valuable for UAVs that are used as planetary aircraft as well as for general surveillance and reconnaissance. More »

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