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Flexible T/R Modules for Large-Aperture, Space-Based SAR, Phase I

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Flexible T/R Modules for Large-Aperture, Space-Based SAR, Phase I
SI2 Technologies, Inc (SI2) proposes to develop membrane compatible transmit/receive (T/R) modules for flexible, space-deployable synthetic aperture radar (SAR) antenna arrays. Large-aperture, yet lightweight SARs are desired for many Earth science monitoring applications as they may be placed at higher orbits which offer greater coverage and shorter interferometric repeat times. However, the technology for manufacturing T/R modules on flexible membranes has limited the development of these space based arrays. SI2's innovation is to apply its laser transfer Direct Write techniques to fabricate a flexible T/R module which can be integrated with each array element. SI2's proprietary laser transfer processes will be used to "print" pre-fabricated active electronics (e.g. conventional semiconductor devices such as amplifiers, switches, etc.) on large area, flexible substrates directly from off-the-shelf wafers. The result of the proposed effort will be a demonstrated pathway for manufacturing T/R modules on flexible substrates which will further the development of lightweight, large-aperture, electronically-steerable space based radar arrays. More »

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