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Integrated Advanced Monopropellant CMC Thruster / Thermal Stand-Off Assembly, Phase I

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Integrated Advanced Monopropellant CMC Thruster / Thermal Stand-Off Assembly, Phase I
High performance non-toxic monopropellants offer significant benefits relative to the current state-of-the-art. The benefits of these advanced monopropellants (AMP) include improved safety, a 50% reduction in density, and a 20% improvement in specific impulse (ISP). AMP propulsion represents a significant challenge for thruster components and assemblies due to the higher temperatures and the chemical constituents of the exhaust. This proposed program, with the support of Aerojet Redmond, will develop, design and fabricate an integrated ceramic matrix composite (CMC) thruster assembly comprised of the thermal stand-off (TSO), combustion chamber, and nozzle. The TSO will mitigate heat soak-back to the propellant valve utilizing an insulating CMC operating with a combustion environment greater than 2000oC. A phased design plan will be used for developing the integrated thruster assembly and results confirmed by test firing under representative conditions. A TSO prototype will be fabricated and the thermomechanical and thermochemical properties tested and analyzed during the Phase I program. The Phase II will utilize the TSO, materials development and conceptual design from the Phase I to develop an integrated CMC TSO - combustion chamber and nozzle assembly. A successful program will provide technology benefits resulting from improved performance, reduced cost and improved manufacturability. More »

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