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Novel Long-Term CO2 Removal System, Phase I

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Novel Long-Term CO2 Removal System, Phase I
Current Technology for CO2 removal from enclosed air of spacecraft utilizes LiOH canisters for CO2 absorption. This absorption is irreversible so longer flights require more LiOH. For long duration flights it is essential that a small, lightweight system that recovers the CO2 be developed. This allows the CO2 to be used to regenerate O2 for re-use. Compact Membrane systems (CMS) has identified a novel membrane contactor process for absorption and subsequent desorption of the CO2. Key to the process is that the contactor both operate effectively and that loss of the absorption/desorption fluid be kept to a minimum. In Phase I, CMS will build system and demonstrate systems capability with a focus on key desorption unit operation. Analysis will demonstrate ability to transport CO2 while maintaining minimal loss of absorbent. System stability will be demonstrated by evaluating performance over wide temperature range (30-90o C). Chemical stability with absorbants will also be demonstrated. With all the above basic data in hand, we will evaluate the needed system size, weight and power consumption. Lastly we will compare results to molecular sieve adsorbants which are the incumbent for long duration flights. More »

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