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Electrochemical Hydrogen Peroxide Generator for Multiple Applications in Space, Phase I

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Electrochemical Hydrogen Peroxide Generator for Multiple Applications in Space, Phase I
Controlled Ecological Life Support System (CELSS) facilities require the development of reliable systems for the disinfection of microorganisms. There are several disinfectants that have been used, or proposed for use in CELSS facilities, including hypochlorite, iodine, ozone, silver, and quaternary ammonium compounds. All of these compounds suffer from at least one of several major drawbacks: (1) they are replaceable items and must be replaced after consumption; (2) in situ generation of the compound creates a safety concern; (3) in situ generation is not yet technically feasible; (4) in situ generation is incompatible with CELSS equipment infrastructure. Additionally, many of these compounds have been linked to crew health problems after extended flight periods. Substitution of these conventional biocides with a safe, antimicrobial compound for which in situ generation is safe and possible is urgently needed for crew safety, maintaining process equipment, and solid waste sanitation. The aim of this project is to develop an on-demand electrochemical hydrogen peroxide generator that can be operated in microgravity from electrolysis of water with no consumable chemicals. Hydrogen peroxide also has the potential to be regenerative within the overall system as it breaks down into water and oxygen during the sanitizing process. More »

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