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High Performance Flow Analysis and Control Tools for Aerial Vehicles, Phase II

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Project Description

High Performance Flow Analysis and Control Tools for Aerial Vehicles, Phase II
The objective of the project is to develop an open architecture, computer aided analysis and control design toolbox for distributed parameter systems, in particular, this effort aims at creating computational tools for emerging applications in aerodynamic analysis and control of high performance aerial vehicles. For small-unmanned aerial vehicles a well-designed network of micro actuators can enable aggressive performance not possible using traditional control surfaces such as ailerons, elevators, rudder and flaps. Even for larger aircraft the emerging paradigm of control involves an array of actuators and distributed sensing and actuation. In addition to enhanced performance these control architectures can provide greater redundancy to confront actuator failures. In Phase I, various aspects of the model definition, control parameterization, model reduction, control design and simulation for verification were illustrated for a benchmark problem. In addition, a computational architecture leveraging commonly available tools to the scientists/engineers was defined. The proposed toolbox in conjunction with commonly used general purpose software will provide designers the ability to seamlessly test control design for aerodynamic applications by integrating and automating several key steps in design cycle. These tools will find commercial applications not only in the emerging unmanned aerial vehicle industry but other land, sea and air vehicles as well. More »

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