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Electro-Optic Imaging Fourier Transform Spectral Polarimeter, Phase I

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Project Description

Electro-Optic Imaging Fourier Transform Spectral Polarimeter, Phase I
Boulder Nonlinear Systems, Inc. (BNS) proposes to develop an Electro-Optic Imaging Fourier Transform Spectral Polarimeter (E-O IFTSP). The polarimetric system is based on BNS? patented FTS technology, where ferroelectric liquid crystal (FLC) polarization switches control device operation. The designed system has simple drive/calibration requirement, and the capability to acquire complete Stokes polarization information simultaneously with the spectral imaging information. This information is collected using short data acquisition times due to the fast electro-optic tuning (sub-millisecond response for FLC switches) and the high optical throughput of the spectrometer. The spectral region of interest is the 0.5 ? 1.5 micrometers to allow high-resolution, high-speed measurement of a large number of different atmospheric aerosols. Our approach uses non-moving parts in a compact geometry, which is expected to produce a simple and reliable system needed for critical NASA missions. The compact, low-mass E-O IFTSP will be particularly suitable for use on small aircraft platforms to advance capability in the spectral imaging polarimetry of aerosols and clouds in Earth?s atmosphere, and for integrating into Earth orbiting satellites for long-duration monitoring of atmospheric trace gases. More »

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