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AutoCategorization for Customized Knowledge Portals, Phase I

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AutoCategorization for Customized Knowledge Portals, Phase I
An AutoCategorizing Knowledge Management Engine ("AKM") will automate key capabilities for both human-human and human-agent collaboration tools in aerospace information systems: * Automatic organization of shared and new information, by a standards-based interface to other knowledge tools, based on an effective auto-categorization engine; * Immediate incorporation of new knowledge into auto-updated taxonomies, and extension for new topics; * Automatically updated knowledge organizations for groups, individuals, and specialized activities; * Knowledge discovery of new and emerging themes in data and discussions. The result is that AKM will: * Improve usability and collaboration potential for shared sites of working, learning, and discussion; * Help to build communities of practice for growing technical efforts such as the NASA Taxonomy; * Speed and improve sharing of knowledge within NASA and with its larger community; * Help to evolve the shared, developing, interoperating NASA ontologies. AKM will be prototyped in Phase I as an extension of three existing products (Taxonomize's Auto-Categorizer, Resource Aid, and Stochastic Analyzer) and applied to selected NASA information programs. In Phase II AKM will be productized for extended NASA, government, and commercial application. More »

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