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Segmented MEMS Mirror Arrays, Phase I

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Segmented MEMS Mirror Arrays, Phase I
The objective of this proposal is to demonstrate the feasibility of manufacturing large-throw, low cross-talk, high resolution and fast responding-speed wavefront control devices based on micro-electro-mechanical (MEMS) fabrication process. The device consists of Segmented Membrane Arrays (SMA) and bottom electrodes with Backside Solder Bump (BSB). The design is going to use arrays of mirror pixels to eliminate the cross talk with adjacent elements, which is usually observed in continuous membrane devices. Each mirror pixel could perform both piston motion and tip-tilt motion to eliminate diffraction noise from the mirror edges. Since each mirror pixel is independent from each other, the resonant frequency of the arrays will not decrease as the array aperture scales up. The BSB provides the packaging solution for high-resolution devices by direct electric contact through solder bump, instead of conventional wire bond techniques. It opens new opportunities to make ideal deformable mirrors with large-throw and independent addressing capabilities. More »

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