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Actively Cooled Ceramic Composite Nozzle Material, Phase I

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Actively Cooled Ceramic Composite Nozzle Material, Phase I
For Next Generation Launch Vehicles (NGLV), Either a Rocket-based or Turbine-based Combined Cycle (RBCC or TBCC) engine will power the Next Generation Launch Vehicle (NGLV). Both TBCC and RBCC engines include operation as a scramjet. The RBCC and TBCC environments are exceedingly hostile, and actively cooled components are likely to play critical roles in both engines. The development of actively cooled fiber-reinforced ceramic (FRC) composites for combined cycle engines has the potential to increase performance and reduce component cost by replacing exotic metals, such as rhenium. Unfortunately, effective methods of processing FRCs are lacking, and active cooling strategies cumbersome. In addition, reliable methods of inspecting FRC components after manufacture and following assembly are needed. Thor Technologies, Inc. will team with Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) and and engine company to validate an innovative process that produces novel hybrid metal/FRC composite materials suitable for use in combined cycle engines, with the goal of developing an actively cooled FRC nozzle. In addition, Thor Technologies will work with another small business to refine non-destructive evaluation (NDE) methods with the potential for assuring the quality of hybrid metal/FRC composites as manufactured and following assembly. More »

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