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Ultraminiature, Micropower Multipurpose Display, Phase I

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Ultraminiature, Micropower Multipurpose Display, Phase I
High information content electronic displays remain the most difficult element of the human-machine interface to effectively miniaturize. Mobile applications need a high-definition display small enough to variously be comfortably worn, easily integrated into crowded cockpits, or fit into spacecraft workspaces?environments where even current LCD flat panels, especially when their power sources and waste heat are considered, are much too large. In particular, NASA would benefit from: high-resolution displays worn inside the space suit to enhance EVA productivity, wide-field stereo displays for robotic teleoperators, head-up displays (HUD) for spacecraft and vehicle guidance, and lightweight low-power displays for long-duration space habitats. We propose here to develop microdisplay modules that are radically smaller, radically brighter, and have radically lower power consumption than previously available technology. These modules will enable all the use modes shown in Figure 1. The new display electronic architectures and pixel designs, novel folded reflective viewing optics, and efficient LED illuminators to be developed here will extend our proven low-cost commercial display platform to meet these higher resolution and performance requirements, while enabling private-sector electronic viewfinder (EVF) and micro-projector applications with potential annual revenues exceeding $50 million. More »

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