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An Alternative Ice Protection System for Turbine Engine Inlets, Phase I

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An Alternative Ice Protection System for Turbine Engine Inlets, Phase I
This proposal presents a dual approach to the development and certification of an alternative system for ice protection of turbine engine inlets. It combines a new generation low power ice protection system with a novel path to certification that is based upon requirements that turbine engines be capable of operation in a hail environment. Eliminated are requirements for high voltages and currents characteristic of all previous impulsive or expulsive deicing systems. It is postulated that if the engine can operate safely in the hail environment as defined by the FARs, then it can be expected to operate safely and economically in the presence of particles shed by the deicer which are demonstrably smaller and less hazardous than hail. Such a system presents a viable alternative to the use of hot air ice protection systems. More »

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