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Multifunctional Metal/Polymer Composite Fiber for Space Applications, Phase I

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Multifunctional Metal/Polymer Composite Fiber for Space Applications, Phase I
In this Small Business Innovation Research Phase I Program, Syscom Technology, Inc. (STI) will fabricate a metallized multifunctional composite fiber from a high-strength, high-modulus poly(p-phenylene benzobisoxazole) (PBO) fiber for electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding in wiring and cable applications in space vehicles. High phosphorous content Electroless Nickel (HPEN) will be coated uniformly onto the PBO fiber by utilizing a novel fabrication process recently invented by STI. It is anticipated that the superior corrosion resisted HPEN coating will not only protect the PBO fiber from the harmful atomic oxygen (AO) erosion and ultraviolet (UV) radiation damage but also will protect the underlining PBO fiber from the impact of debris and micrometeoroid. In case the HPEN coating was damaged during operation, the high phosphorus content in the EN coating (10 to 13 wt%) may "self-heals" and form a protect phosphate layers after AO exposure and therefore protects the inner materials from further decomposition. More »

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