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Aeorgel Insulation for Integrated Cryotanks and TPS, Phase I

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Project Description

Aeorgel Insulation for Integrated Cryotanks and TPS, Phase I
NASA seeks new and innovative technologies for materials, processes, and manufacturing that will provide safe, reliable, lightweight, and less expensive launch vehicle and spacecraft components. The proposed project will develop aerogel insulation materials for composite cryotanks and TPS. Introduction of aerogel materials to reusable launch vehicles will result in significant reductions in the weight of cryogenic insulation and high temperature Thermal Protection Systems. Aspen Aerogels? materials typically demonstrate 2-4x improvement in conductivity over traditional insulation materials. When specifically engineered to work with current integrated insulation systems, a marked reduction in thickness and overall weight will be realized. Therefore, with team partner Northrop Grumman Corporation, Aspen Aerogels proposes to develop durable and lightweight aerogel insulation for current spacecraft such as the shuttle and future reusable launch vehicles. During the proposed effort we will investigate fiber reinforced aerogel composites for use as cryogenic and high temperature insulation for reusable launce vehicles. We will also investigate organic modified silica aerogels as an approach for improving their strength at cryogenic temperatures. A low-cost, environmentally benign manufacturing process will be used. More »

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