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Reactive In-flight Multisensor Security System (RIMSS), Phase I

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Reactive In-flight Multisensor Security System (RIMSS), Phase I
International Electronic Machines (IEM) Corp., a leader in multisensor monitoring solutions, proposes the design (in Phase I) and creation (in Phase II) of the Reactive In-flight Multisensor Security System (RIMSS). RIMSS would be an extremely affordable (less than $5,000) system which would improve safety and security within an aircraft by detecting abnormal events (including but not limited to unusual passenger or crew activities, losses of pressure, deviations from flight plan, movement or fire in cargo areas, and so on), automatically alerting the crew to these events, and recording the entire event. This will be accomplished through the combination of proprietary and innovative imaging hardware, acoustic monitoring, IEM?s unique and proprietary event and object detection, tracking, and identification software. RIMSS would continue to function even in the event of power loss through a unique backup system, and would be able to transmit data securely to designated ground stations. The imaging portion of the system will work in all lighting conditions and the entire system will be rugged and able to endure for many years of reliable service. RIMSS is made possible through IEM?s extensive experience in all relevant fields, including imaging, 360? vision systems, acoustic /visual target detection, and many others. More »

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