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128x128 Ultra-High Density Optical Interconnect, Phase II

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128x128 Ultra-High Density Optical Interconnect, Phase II
Future NASA programs like Tertiary Planet Finder (TPF) require high-density deformable mirrors with up to 16,000 actuators to enable direct imaging of planets around distant stars. Xinetics has been developing high-density module actuator arrays that will enable deformable mirrors to be fabricated with array sizes up to 128 by 128. These monolithic actuator arrays have eliminated the need for discrete wires by using internal electrical conductors that terminate at the back of the module. Concepts for electrical attachment have been developed to allow laboratory testing and evaluation, but reliable interconnect technology must be developed that will allow the module mirror technology to meet space qualification requirements. Environmental requirements for the interconnect include radiation, mechanical, thermal and life cycle loads. The interconnect must also survive subsequent assembly processes including thermal and coating vacuum cycles. We are proposing under Phase I to investigate electrical interface options, materials and processes for the module arrays compatible with future space qualification requirements. During a follow on Phase II a high density interconnect for a full scale 32 by 32 mirror would be built and assembly processes qualified with rigorous testing. More »

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