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High Spatial Resolution shape Sensing for Adaptive Aerospace Vehicles, Phase I

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Project Description

High Spatial Resolution shape Sensing for Adaptive Aerospace Vehicles, Phase I
It is accepted that adaptive aerospace vehicles whose flight avionic systems are reconfigurable are needed to respond to changing flight parameters, vehicle system performance degradation, or external threat environments. To this end shape modification of aerospace structures during flight can provide significant performance improvements derived from matching the aerodynamic shape to particular flight conditions. To address this need, new sensor technologies are required for both R & D testing and operational deployment that permit high observability into the shapes generated. Luna Innovations proposes to develop high-spatial resolution distributed fiber-optic shape sensors to provide feedback as part of a closed-loop control system for vehicles with yadaptivey attributes (i.e. y ysmarty wings, etc.). These shape sensors, when embedded in aircraft wings or other structures of interest, will monitor the dynamic shape of the structure independent of the temperature or load environment, thus enabling real-time active control of reconfigurable avionics. By providing a reliable, low cost, lightweight feedback mechanism, the risks associated with employing smart vehicle technology are substantially mitigated. More »

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