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ZnO UV Detectors, Phase II

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ZnO UV Detectors, Phase II
High-efficiency UV detectors will be developed in the Phase II program with ZnO and its alloy (ZnBeO). ZnO and ZnBeO are a very suitable material for fabrication of high-speed, high-detectivity, and radiation-hard UV detectors due to their unique structural, electrical and optical properties. The proposing company (MOXtronics) has shown the feasibility of fabricating new ZnO p-i-n UV detectors in the Phase I. Such UV photodiodes will be improved for high-efficiency UV detection by using heterojunction p-i-n structures and/or Schottky contacts. In the Phase II efforts, commercial-typed heteojunction ZnO/ZnBeO-based PIN and MSM photodiodes will be fabricated and demonstrated. These photodiodes will be used for broad near-to-far UV detection. More »

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