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Sulfur-Tolerant Autothermal Reforming Catalysts for Aviation Fuel, Phase I

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Sulfur-Tolerant Autothermal Reforming Catalysts for Aviation Fuel, Phase I
As solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) approach commercialization, interest in broader applications of this technology is mounting. While the first commercialized systems are being designed to provide 3-5 kW in stationary and automotive auxiliary power unit (APU) applications, military and aerospace users are already considering integrating SOFCs into larger, airborne systems with considerable commercial payback. SOFCs are aligned to displace inefficient, noisy, and polluting technologies such as diesel generators that will provide both economic and environmental motivation to prospective users. NexTech Materials proposes to develop sulfur-tolerant autothermal reforming (ATR) catalysts for fuel processors of SOFC systems that operate with sulfur-containing aviation (Jet-A) fuels. The Phase I work will focus on synthesis and characterization of novel composite catalysts, design and construction of a reactor for catalyst performance tests, and evaluation of the performance of experimental catalysts for autothermal reforming of Jet-A fuel. Phase II of the project will involve further optimization of catalyst formulations, scale-up of the catalyst synthesis technology, development of monolith-supporting technology for the catalysts, and evaluation of monolith-supported catalysts in prototype ATR reformers. More »

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