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AGATE: Autonomous Go and Touch Exploration, Phase I

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Project Description

AGATE: Autonomous Go and Touch Exploration, Phase I
The innovation (AGATE, for Autonomous Go And Touch Exploration) will enable single-sol "go and touch" instrument placement from distances of up to five meters for scientific exploration rovers. It will reduce the number of sols required to examine objects of scientific interest, while increasing the accuracy of instrument placement relative to visually-specified targets. AGATE, based on the proposing firm's patented MCSM control algorithm, is innovative in providing, for the first time, stereo-vision based precision control of the mobile base of the rover and the onboard robotic arm relative to a visually-specified target. This provides a significant advantage over current MER technology since the new system will automatically compensate for wheel slippage and kinematic inaccuracy in order to ensure accurate placement of the instrument relative to that target. The algorithm will use the NASA-JPL standard CAHVOR stereo-camera model used on the Sojourner, Spirit, and Opportunity rovers. A key element of the innovation will be the capability of autonomous, precise, and robust transfer of target information from the navigation cameras (used for long-range) to the front hazard cameras (used for positioning the robotic arm). In the commercial market, AGATE will enable a vision-guided forklift to engage autonomously pallets located on high shelves. More »

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