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Space-SDR: An FPGA-Based Software Defined Radio, Phase I

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Space-SDR: An FPGA-Based Software Defined Radio, Phase I
The purpose of the proposed effort is to provide a novel and innovative reconfigurable software defined radio (SDR) development system that supports the design and implementation of SDRs for human Moon/planetary surface exploration and deep space missions. This type of revolutionary technology provides significant assistance to the SDR designer, enabling the development of a wide class of radio systems and supports customization at any level within the radio architecture. The proposed development system is ideally suited for design and implementation of ultra simplified and efficient forms of SDR. The focus of this proposal is to demonstrate the applicability and feasibility of this particular SDR development technology to space exploration through analysis, design, and implementation. Successful completion of the proposed Phase I technology effort will culminate in a demonstration of interoperability with at least one NASA communications system. In addition, it will permit a Phase II effort to produce hardware and software that can be used to demonstrate the performance and impact of the proposed technology in some on-going NASA project, through demonstrating interoperability with at least two NASA communications systems. More »

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