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Center Innovation Fund: JSC CIF

Multidimensional Processing and Visual Rendering of Complex 3D Biomedical Images

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Multidimensional Processing and Visual Rendering of Complex 3D Biomedical Images
To develop and utilize advanced image analysis techniques to maximize the resolution and utility of medical imaging methods being used during spaceflight. We have utilized advanced data reduction and multidimensional imaging techniques to significantly increase the information that can be extracted from the onboard biomedical imaging systems. In years 1&2 of this IR&D, we have demonstrated the ability to track volume changes in the choroid and retinal substructure in ocular images collected on ground test subjects and ISS crewmembers. This work resulted in a revision of the on orbit OCT protocol and two inflight tests before completion of year 2. This will complete the initial infusion point bringing these technical benefits to the on orbit OCT testing and follow on clinical assessment of OCT images. In year 3, we will perform integration of ultrasound images with the OCT to enable deeper structural assessment of optic nerve head. These techniques continue to enhance the monitoring and evaluation of crew vision issues during space flight. Finally, the extension of these techniques to non-ocular images at the cellular/subcellular level will be used for structure/function assessment of immune cells. More »

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