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Center Independent Research & Development: GSFC IRAD

Lenslet-Array, Spatially-Distributed, Self-Phase-Locked Laser Architecture

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Project Description

Example of a 1-dimensional lenslet array combining light from multiple fiber sources into a laser cavity with a single-mode output beam.  (It can easily be extended to 2 dimensions.)

We are developing a novel laser technology to enable coherent beam combination from distributed gain sources.  This addresses the most important limitations in laser technology: efficiency, power scaling and wavelength selectivity.

Our goal is to demonstrate a proof-of-concept laser technology that will enable power-scaling using multiple distributed gain sources.  We will design, build and characterize a prototype laser distributed elements to demonstrate the concept.  This architecture will be widely applicable to almost any laser technology but will have particular benefits for fiber and semiconductor gain media where power scaling is difficult.

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