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Center Innovation Fund: ARC CIF

Low Temperature Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Sterilization Shower

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Project Introduction

The goal is to develop an atmospheric plasma jet that is capable of depositing a wide variety of materials on flexible substrates such as paper, plastic, cotton and thin metal foils. This would be a dry alternative to inkjet printing.  There has been an increased interest in fabricating electronic devices on flexible substrates with enhanced emphasis on recyclable materials.

Atmospheric pressure plasma may be a low cost solution to provide 100% efficiency with respect to sterilization. It creates oxygen atoms, ions which are effective in sterilization in addition to the help from the UV of the plasma, ion bombardment and the mild heat the plasma produces. This combination of effects is the reason for the 100% efficiency. We have already constructed a single plasma jet and ignited the plasma at atmospheric pressure. This minimize the risk. The nozzle diameter now is 5 mm. Power consumption is extremely low. Major Milestones for FY16: We will show at the end of CIF 100% killing of e-coli within minutes which is not possible using dry heat. Multi jet design and demonstration.

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