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Center Innovation Fund: ARC CIF

Critical Event Deconfliction for Interplanetary NanoSat Missions

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Critical Event Deconfliction for Interplanetary NanoSat Missions
NanoSat mission users submit trajectory and critical maneuver plan information. Users further specify desired communication pass times along with minimum durations and start time flexibilities, as well as the services required (uplink, downlink or both). Conflict between missions will occur. Open Scheduling and Planning Interface for Exploration (OpenSPIFe) suggests compromises that attempt to achieve as much of the desired requests as possible using its constraint reasoning engine. Using the rich-client interface the user chooses which suggested compromises to act on. An integrated linear programming solver is then used to find the best solution given the selected compromises, with the results presented to the user. Deliverables: Enhanced OpenSPIFe Software; Exploration Mission 1 (EM-1) Scheduling Demonstration More »

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