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Biosensors for Exploration Medical System (PI=Winther)

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Biosensors for Exploration Medical System (PI=Winther)
The following items are critical topics for this task. Most of the work has been a continuation from last year; however, the scope of the hardware need has changed. With that in mind, our intentions for this project remains to be a demonstration or operational use on board International Space Station. ECG Device: No additional work has been done with this device and they remain in bonded storage at Ames Research Center (ARC). ECG Harness Development: The 12-Lead ECG Dry Electrode Harnesses have been delivered and remain in bonded storage at ARC. System has been demonstrated to potential stakeholders (Health Maintenance System (HMS) and Countermeasures System (CMS), and MedOPs); however, there has been no final decision to more forward for a flight manifest. ECG Glove: The Glove was purchased and demonstrated with the ECG device. The potential stakeholders (HMS, CMS, HHC, and MedOPs) were interested. Currently, HMS has decided to move forward with the ECG glove and ECG device into flight status. Procedure Development and Demonstration: Functional test procedures were developed and demonstrated for the ECG device. Procedures were written to fully satisfy qualification and acceptance for flight. Ground demonstrations procedures were developed and tested as a foundation for flight procedures. Flight procedures have been developed and completed for both the ECG device and ECG glove. Flight Certification: The flight safety data package 0/I/II was completed and accepted. Flight Data Safety Package III draft has been completed and final draft will be submitted May 2016. Flight Protocol Approval: Notification of Approval was received from Johnson Space Center (JSC’s) IRB (Institutional Review Board) and is effective April 13, 2016 – April 30, 2017. Protocol Number: Pro1569; NASA MPA Number: NASA 7116301606HR; FWA Number: 00019876. More »

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