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Human Research Program

Software Enabled Therapeutics for Psychiatry, Neurology, and Pain

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Software Enabled Therapeutics for Psychiatry, Neurology, and Pain
The overarching goal of the project was to develop a server-based platform linked to five digital eHealth interventions that work synergistically with psychoactive medications to address anxiety, depression, and cognitive function, as well as several other CNS indications such as sleep disorders. The project accomplished all of the design and development goals, and is currently undergoing user testing and iterative refinement. The main results of the project are as follows: 1) Five eHealth apps were developed to address problems identified as risks during extended spaceflight, including anxiety, depression, diminished cognitive function, and sleep dysfunction. 2) A server-based platform was developed to coordinate and manage the eHealth apps, and to provide the analytics required to manage digital health therapy used in combination with pharmaceutical intervention. 3) In addition to providing effective interventions, the apps and platform support the collection and analysis of real-time behavioral and biometric data, and can use this information to dynamically adjust interventions. 4) The system provides an extended analysis and reporting capability, and can support all aspects of intervention management and basic research. More »

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