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Advanced Capabilities Medical Suction Device

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Advanced Capabilities Medical Suction Device
An innovative Microgravity Compatible Medical Suction Device (MCMSD) is proposed for the efficient aspiration and containment of bodily fluids and vomitus in a microgravity environment without the release of infectious agents. A design developed and tested in the Phase I work consisted of a reusable vacuum shell and disposable cartridges. Cartridges were capable of retaining bodily fluid simulants including saline solution, yogurt, cottage cheese, and a bovine blood/saline mixture with no release of fluids to the environment or vacuum system. The cartridge design has been advanced to include cartridges capable of retaining fluid mixtures with high solids content and direct collection of vomitus from affected individuals. The Phase II effort will build upon the highly successful feasibility demonstration resulting in the development of a prototype MCMSD consisting of a rigid vacuum shell and collapsible/disposable cartridges capable of gravity independent collection and retention of up to 1.3 liters of biological fluids/solids. More »

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