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Modified Ionic Liquids for Thermal Properties in CubeSats

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Modified Ionic Liquids for Thermal Properties in CubeSats, Phase I
NASA desires new phase change systems to regulate heat transfer among components within a CubeSat small spacecraft. The temperature variation within the small spacecraft often leads to large temperature spikes that may be detrimental to onboard unit components. Temperatures can often range from -40 �C to +80 �C. InnoSense LLC (ISL) will develop an ionic liquid-based heat transfer fluid for use within the CubeSat. Our method will be to control the functional groups attached to an ionic liquid to tune the melting point and reduce electrical conductivity of the material. The proposed technology will be tailored for use with a variety of different components within the CubeSat. In Phase I, ISL proposes to synthesize a functionalized ionic liquid and test its thermal properties. The proposed material is expected to have high thermal conductivity, high heat storage density, and melting point with range of component operation. During Phase II and follow-on phases, the proposed technology will be refined, optimized, and scaled to larger size production. The proposed materials will also be tested in various environments. Packaging methods will be investigated and the final product will be integrated into working CubeSats with the assistance of a CubeSat design company. More »

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