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Space Vehicle Inspection High Range Resolution & Raman Spectral LIDAR

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Space Vehicle Inspection High Range Resolution & Raman Spectral LIDAR
Systems & Processes Engineering Corporation (SPEC) proposes .65 U cubesat format LIDAR, with class 1 eye-safe lasers for space structure inspection applications. The LIDAR provides both Raman Spectra for determination of the surface chemical content for leak detection and HD6D imaging consisting of ultra high range accuracy 3D LIDAR and RGB camera images fused to give an HD resolution image. Range accuracy for the HD6D is 15 microns to a range of 3 meters with a maximum range of 300m. This capability draws on SPEC part inspection LIDAR. The chemical detection capability can detect one molecule thick layers adsorbed on surfaces determining chemical content, allowing detection of leaks in pressurized or vacuum conditions with a range of 30m. The 3D imaging allows surface imperfections like micro meteor or debris holes to be highlighted, and the chemical content map to be draped on the 3D display. The 3D imaging rate is from 3.2Mpps. The laser transmits an FMCW modulated signal allowing the extreme range accuracy. The 3D imaging uses a 1550nm 2 stage EDFA, while Raman Spectral uses a unit diode, wafer laminate laser at 532nm, induced to operate in a Q-switch mode by modulating the pump. More »

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