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High Performance Computing-Accelerated Metrology for Large Optical Telescopes, Phase II

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Project Introduction

NASA has unique non-contact precision metrology requirements for dimensionally inspecting the global position and orientation of large and highly-polished multi-segmented mirrors (in an as-installed configuration), such as those used on the James Webb Space Telescope. SURVICE Metrology has assembled a world-class team of metrologists and optical physicists to develop M-TEC, an innovative non-contact metrology solution that extends traditional deflectometry for determining reflective-surface profiles by combining pattern matching and high performance computing techniques. In addition to our in-house staff of experts in metrology and optics, our team includes industry-recognized academic experts in metrology. Our solution has demonstrated the ability to accurately measure the global position and orientation of mirror segments in an as-installed configuration using non-contact means from a safe distance to allow measurements to be made with minimal risk to the asset. SURVICE proposes to further research and develop the technology under the Phase II effort, culminating with a fully-functional and validated prototype. More »

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