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A Robust, Gravity-Insensitive, High-Temperature Condenser

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A Robust, Gravity-Insensitive, High-Temperature Condenser, Phase I
Regenerative life support systems and in situ resource utilization systems are vital for NASA's future space exploration missions to maximize self-sufficiency and minimize the resupply of consumables. One of the critical needs for these systems is a gravity-insensitive condenser to collect water in a high-temperature gas stream from these systems, as requested by Topic H03.3. To this end, Creare proposes to develop a gravity-insensitive, high-temperature condenser. The condenser has capillary structures to cool the gas stream, separate the condensate, and drain the liquid water. The condenser has design features to ensure its operation is insensitive to gravity. The entire condenser is constructed from metals that have excellent resistance to chemical attack from contaminants and biofilm growth, and are suitable for operating at high temperature. The capillary structures in the condenser are removable and can be regenerated during scheduled maintenance if it becomes necessary. The proposed condenser builds on the gravity-insensitive phase separator technology Creare developed for aircraft applications. In Phase I, Creare will design, build, and demonstrate a proof-of-concept condenser. In Phase II, Creare will build and characterize a laboratory condenser for a specific target mission and deliver it to NASA for further performance characterization. More »

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