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Innovative High Efficiency Filter for Mars Dust

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Innovative High Efficiency Filter for Mars Dust
NASA is developing methods to collect and convert local resources such as Martian air (mainly carbon dioxide, CO2) into oxygen that can be used during the mission. The objective of this project is to protect such equipment from dust that may be sucked in with the CO2. We proposed an innovative dust filtration system that is ideally suited for long duration operation in Mars because it works well in a low pressure environment and it is essentially self-cleaning. The system is based on two mechanisms of dust filtration that have been tested separately and successfully In Phase I. In Phase II, parametric tests will be performed with simulated Mars dust and under simulated Mars environment to optimize each mechanism. Then the two mechanisms will be combined in a prototype and tested. The prototype will be delivered to NASA for potential future tests in the zero gravity airplane and in combination with the equipment to be protected. More »

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