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Nonlinear Parameter-Varying AeroServoElastic Reduced Order Model for Aerostructural Sensing and Control

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Project Description

Nonlinear Parameter-Varying AeroServoElastic Reduced Order Model for Aerostructural Sensing and Control

The overall goal of the project is to develop reliable reduced order modeling technologies to automatically generate parameter-varying (PV), aeroservoelastic (ASE) reduced-order models (ROMs) for aerostructural sensing and control. In Phase 1, both equation-based and data-driven PV ROM technologies were developed and proof-of-principle was successfully demonstrated. A set of carefully selected ROM algorithms and model coupling schemes were developed in an integrated architecture to generate PV ASE ROMs. Critical evidence was established in NASA relevant case studies that ROMs enable unprecedented speedup and accuracy for aircraft ASE analysis. PV ASE ROMs for X-56A MUTT models in the current mission were developed, which demonstrated >10X reduction in the number of states and precise capture of vehicle dynamics at various flight conditions. In Phase 2, software will be expanded and refined for enhanced performance and functionality. ROM algorithms will be optimized in terms of efficiency for MIMO systems, consistent state representation, PV capabilities in a broad flight envelope. PV structural ROM will also be developed to consider changes in modal parameters at various flight conditions. The strategies for integrating ROMs, sensors and actuators with control design for ASE studies will be tailored to meet various needs in NASA. A modular software environment will be developed with facile interfacing to NASA tools for technology insertion and transition. ROM software will be extensively validated and demonstrated for ASE and flight control analysis of the current X-56A MUTT model, its future release, and other relevant aircrafts.

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