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More Robust Test Stand Operations through Next-Gen Real-Time Analysis of Operations Anomalies Project

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The Functional Monitoring & Diagnosis (FMD) software (developed by MSC) is a next-generation monitoring & diagnostic software that works by evaluating process data with respect to the system math model. FMD software determines, in real time, the complete state of the system, and thereby whether or not the system and its components are operating as per their specifications and commanded configuration. This is a much deeper analysis than conventional alarm monitoring. The FMD software (also developed by MSC) can determine the full internal state, and determine whether the system and its component are operating per design. The FMD software is comparable to an engineer's analysis with the ability to diagnose an unfamiliar anomaly by using a first-principles model of the system. The FMD software is based on a rigorous formalization of engineering diagnosis. Like the engineer, the software requires system schematics and accompanying mathematics. The system model is comparable to a simulator model and is typically derivable from the calculations performed to size the system key parameters. Often, the math model can be quickly developed using the system schematic, along with generally known math for the system components. More »

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