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Center Innovation Fund: GRC CIF

Low-Power Large-Area Radiation Detector for Space Science Measurements

Completed Technology Project

Project Introduction

The objective of this task is to develop a low-power, large-area detectors from SiC, taking advantage of very low thermal noise characteristics and high radiation tolerance of SiC compared to silicon (Si) devices, and document key characteristics, specifically signal-to-noise, resolution and bias voltage when exposed to 5 MeV alpha particles. We intend to develop, demonstrate, and characterize a large area (200 mm²) detector made from robust HPSI SiC, thus bringing cutting-edge technology to future science missions.

The SiC LET detectors will be fabricated as Schottky diodes using micro-fabrication processes.  The resulting diodes will be diced and mounted to custom-designed aluminum frames.  A 5-MeV alpha particle source will be used for characterization tests.

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