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Human Research Program

Spaceflight Injectable Delivery System

Canceled Technology Project

Project Description

Spaceflight Injectable Delivery System

In the event of an emergency during spaceflight, it may be necessary for the crew to find extended safety in their Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA) spacesuits. During this EVA contingency, NASA requires the capability to deliver liquid medications via intramuscular injection to ill or injured crewmembers. The delivery of liquid medication in a damaged vehicle unable to maintain a habitable environment poses unique challenges. Some of these challenges include the behavior of the fluid in a low-pressure and off-nominal-temperature environment, the formation of bubbles in microgravity, and the ability to physically use the medical delivery device at the desired anatomical location while the astronaut is suited. Under the auspices of NASA’s Human Research Program, the In-Suit Injection System project at the Glenn Research Center (GRC) aims to develop an injection device capable of delivering necessary medications during an EVA contingency.


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