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Efficacy of Jobst Compression Garments to Prevent Orthostatic Intolerance for up to Three Days following 14 Days of Bed Rest

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Project Introduction

This project was completed with a total of 16 volunteers, 8 control subjects (Group 1), and 8 treatment subjects (Group 2). Data analysis was completed, and a manuscript has been submitted for consideration of publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Results from this work indicate that wearing the abdomen-high compression garments during an 80-degree head-up tilt test (Groups 1 and 2) prevented the orthostatic intolerance that is normally present after BR. Thigh-high garments (Group 2) provided some protection after BR, and wearing these garments did not impair recovery as measured by a tilt test three days after bed rest. (Ed. note: updated report provided by PI August 2013.)

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