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The ISS Dynamic Lighting Schedule: An In-Flight Lighting Countermeasure to Facilitate Circadian Adaptation, Improve Sleep and Enhance Alertness and Performance on the International Space Station

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We began our recruitment efforts in Jan 2013 and we have successfully completed all planned studies. Thirty participants have completed the 8-day inpatient protocol out of whom 18 were studied in the first (advance) arm of Experiment 1a and 12 in the second (delay) arm of Experiment 1b. A total of 5 participants were admitted but then disempanelled from the study. The analyses for Aim 1 are complete. The analyses for Aims 2 and 3 are near-completion. Final cleaned and complete datasets are available and analyses are ongoing. We anticipate presentation of the final analyses for all aims at the 2016 Human Research Program Workshop and submission of the final manuscript shortly thereafter. More »

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