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Human Research Program

Noninvasive Biosensor Algorithms for Continuous Metabolic Rate Determination--SMS01302

Completed Technology Project

Project Introduction

This is the final year of the project. During 2012 we completed the development of an algorithm for calculating VO2 during cycling using data from the Near Infrared Spectroscopic Sensor to determine muscle oxygen saturation (SmO2) and heart rate. This algorithm was demonstrated to be accurate for 11 subjects who completed a cycling protocol in both a normovolemic and hypovolemic state. Reflectance Medical, with synergistic funding from the US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, completed the development of a wearable, lightweight solid state NIRS sensor which is small and lightweight enough to be worn under the spacesuit. The system has been shown to reliably determine SmO2, pH, and blood hematocrit for both light and dark skin individuals with a range of fat thicknesses over the muscle. Reflectance Medical has received clearance from the FDA to market the SmO2 sensor, and will soon submit an application to add pH and hematocrit capability to the sensor. This sensor is slated to be included in a newly approved NASA flight study to examine the effects of fluid shifts in space (Distribution of body fluids during long duration space flight and subsequent effects on intraocular pressure and vision disturbances, Dr. Michael Stenger, PI). More »

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