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A Geospatial Decision Support System Toolkit, Phase I

Completed Technology Project

Project Introduction

We propose to design a working prototype Geospatial Decision Support Toolkit (GeoKit) that will enable scientists, agencies, and stakeholders to configure and deploy their own web based applications containing maps, forms, algorithms, and a rich set of functionality related to visualization, analysis, querying, and publication of geospatial data and information. GeoKit will focus on development of a suite of tools that will operate on data, to create rule-based applications for risk analysis, risk mitigation, operations management, and science research support. GeoKit will enhance the the use of data from NASA and other sources, provide a tool for non-software developers to create a website with custom functions and tools that operate on geospatial data, and provide a framework for development of new tools to support risk assessment, risk management, and operational analysis of spatially- explicit data from NASA platforms, climate reanalyses, and user-defined sources, as well as allow real-time publication of results in standard geobrowser compatible formats. More »

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