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Laser Transmitter for Space-Based Atmospheric and Oceanographic LIDAR

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Laser Transmitter for Space-Based Atmospheric and Oceanographic Lidar Project Image
In response to the need for higher performance, Fibertek has developed a new generation of solid-state lasers capable of meeting the requirements for higher efficiency and scalability to output powers over 100 W. The first examples of higher-performance lasers for space-based lidar are the ATLAS transmitters now being manufactured for the NASA ICESat-2 mission. Under the present SBIR opportunity we propose to begin development of a laser transmitter designed to address requirements for second-generation lidar missions but with advanced capability including: * Average output power of 50-100 W at repetition rates of 500-1000 Hz * Electrical efficiency 10% from satellite bus power * Multiline single-frequency output capability at 1064 nm, 532 nm, and 355 nm * Narrow linewidth output in the blue-green region selectable between 450 and 490 nm. The last feature will allow the transmitter to be used for measurements of deep subsurface ocean scattering, providing unprecedented capability for direct depth-resolved measurements of the ocean ecosystem. More »

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